Infrastructure, Core and MSME sectors, all need specialised skills to manage their financing and Insurance.

We are a Team (Allmost All Degrees and Certifications, Recognised and Authorised for signing off ) of Professionals with 400+ years of Hands-On experience with overall Volume Handling of almost 2 lakh crores (green field of 30-40b USD in 50+ industries in different capacities.

This experience and exposure has created a wealth of capabilities like

✓Corporate Finance,
✓Funds Audit and Monitoring,
✓Credit Monitoring, ✓Automation, GPS,
✓Markets Trading
✓Commodities- Energy+ Ferrous+Non Ferrous +Agri+ MM Treasuries
✓Green, Brownfield
✓Management Audit
✓Forensic Audits
✓Horizonal Advisories and Strategies
✓Association V, PE, G Funds, Merchant Bankers
✓ International Trade
✓ Hedging
✓Trade Finance ILC, FLC, BC, SC
✓ Correspondent Banking Lines

Heading Existing Industries Covered for financial and business plans, debt , appraisals, equity syndication

1. Solar Power
2. Thermal
3. Hydal
4. Waste heat
5. Biomass- rice, soya, sugarcane base
6. Coal Mine
7. Cement
8. Steel
9. Brick
10. Hospital
11. Chain Stores Pharmacy
12. Airline
13. NBFC
14. Banking
15. Power from Municipal Waste
16. Transhipper
17. Jetty
18. Small Ships upto 2000 tonnes for river
19. Real Estate Residential
20. Real Estate Commercial
21. Roads
22. Airports
23. ATC and Airport support operations
24. Software Product Company
25. Software Services Company
26. Travel and Tourism
27. Hotels
28. Equipment Leasing and Financing
29. Ferro Alloys
30. E Commerce
31. Food FMCG
32. Retail buy back Soft Drinks and Juices, Water
33. Cement Mine
34. Electricity Transmission
35. SEZ – Developing and selling
36. Sugar Unit
37. Education schools
38. Education University
39. Few More

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